Nektarios was born in Thessalonica Greece. His parents discovered his talent for music at a very early age, and he attended music and voice lessons, first, at the school for the blind in Thessalonica and after a while at the public music school of the city.

He started performing in various bars, restaurants clubs and other places within Thessalonica when he was 16 years old.

A few years later, he was traveling and playing music all over Greece with many famous musicians of the country.

He loved computers and he attempted to study information technology at the local university but with no success, because of no available equipment for accessibility such as Braille printers, screen readers etc.

He then decided to go to the United States to fulfill his dream.

He studied “Networking and systems administration” at the City University of New York with a GPA of 3.96.

At the same time, he was playing music and recording all kinds of stuff with different musicians and groups. He performed not only with Greeks, but also with musicians with Arabic origin, Turkish, Armenian and other.

Today, he lives in Thessalonica, works in his own recording studio and performs live when he has something new to say.
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